Pairing is a harmonious dance between flavours, where wines and dishes intertwine to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience. In this context, wines made from the Monastrell grape stand out as an excellent match with the gastronomy of the area where it is grown, offering a versatility and depth that make them perfect companions for a wide variety of dishes.

From traditional stews to the most exquisite sweets, Monastrell wines from the Denominations of Origin (DO) of Alicante, Almansa, Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla invite us to explore a universe of flavours and aromas with their most typical recipes.

Gazpacho Manchego

Photograph by: Bon Viveur

Gazpacho Manchego is a dish that reflects the humble culinary tradition of La Mancha. It is a brothy stew made with crumbled ‘torta cenceña’ and game meat. The intensity of this brothy stew, with its game meat and mushrooms, is balanced by the balance and structure of a Monastrell red wine, whose tannins and fruity notes complement the earthy flavours of the dish.


Acompaña nuestros vinos Denominación de origen con comidas como las gachamigas

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Gachasmigas, a winter dish with a deep-rooted tradition in southeastern Spain, is prepared with flour, oil, garlic and water. Its simplicity and high calorie content make this dish an ideal companion for Monastrell red wines, which complement its flavours with aromatic notes typical of the Mediterranean scrubland.

Cabrito Frito con Ajos (Fried Goat with Garlic)

Cabrito Frito con Ajos, el maridaje perfecto para nuestros Denominación de origen

Photograph by: El Fogón de Enrique

Fried Goat with Garlic is a culinary delight that stands out in the region of Jumilla. Its tender and flavorful meat is enhanced by the aromatic touch of fried garlic. This dish is perfectly balanced with the persistence of Monastrell red wines, creating an irresistible combination.

Rollos de Vino

Acompaña nuestros vinos Denominación de origen con comidas como las gachamigas

Photograph by:Thermomix Murcia

Rollos de Vino, a typical sweet from the region of Jumilla and Alicante, is more than a pairing, it is a recipe that incorporates red wine to give it its characteristic flavour. A Monastrell red wine is the perfect ingredient for its preparation. In a basin, melt the butter by hand and add the red wine, flour and two handfuls of sugar. It becomes an exquisite baked dough in the form of rolls that are dipped in sugar to give them the characteristic white colour of this exquisite sweet.

Arroz a banda

Platos típicos para los vinos monastrell Denominación de Origen

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Arroz a banda is a typical dish from the province of Alicante. Its combination of fresh and tasty ingredients results in a traditional seafood dish that was originally prepared on board fishing boats. Using fish not destined for sale, a tasty broth was cooked in which the rice was then cooked and served ‘a banda’, i.e. on the side. Nowadays, it is simplified by cooking it in a paella with fish fumet, seafood and a mild sofrito. For a perfect pairing, a Monastrell rosé is ideal. Its fruity and fresh notes bring out the flavours of the seafood and aioli, creating a balanced and refreshing combination that enhances the taste of the Mediterranean in its pure essence.

Empanadas de Patata

Platos típicos para los vinos monastrell Denominación de Origen

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Empanadas de Patata are a classic Easter dish in Yecla. Filled with fried potatoes, tuna, boiled eggs and peppers, these empanadas find their perfect match in Monastrell rosé wines, which complement their flavour with their fruity and spicy notes.

Cocido de Pelotas (Balls stew)

Cocido de Pelotas, maridaje para los vinos Monastrell

Photograph by: Calvari Periódico Digital

Cocido de Pelotas, a traditional Christmas Day dish in Yecla, is made with breadcrumbs, chopped liver, eggs and garlic. This comforting dish is enhanced by Monastrell red wines, which enhance the flavours of the meat filling with their richness and complexity.

Arroz con conejo

acompaña tu vino tinto con arroz con conejo

Photograph by: Bon Vibeur

Arroz con Conejo is a culinary tradition rooted in the Bullas region. Its combination of rice, rabbit and spices is perfectly balanced with Monastrell red wines, which with aromatic compounds, such as red fruits, spices and earthy notes, complement and enhance the natural flavours of the meat.

Torrijas de Bullas

Torrija de Bullas, para maridar tu vino monastrell Denominación de Origen Bullas

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The Torrijas de Bullas, unique in their kind, are the typical sweet of this Murcian village. A centuries-old recipe that has nothing to do with the typical torrijas of Holy Week that we all know. The main factor that sets this dish apart from similar ones in other localities is that it does not contain the two main ingredients: neither bread nor milk. The comforting sweetness of Bullas torrijas is enhanced by the seduction of a sweet Monastrell wine, whose aromas of raisins and dried fruits complement the flavors of this traditional dessert.

Perusas de pinoso

Maridaje de vino Monastrell

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One of the most beloved traditional sweets in Alicante is Perusas de Pinoso. Originally from the municipality of Pinoso, in the Vinalopó Medio region, these simple and delicious pastries are made with flour, oil, eggs, sugar and dry aniseed. Perusas are round biscuits, sometimes with a hole in the centre, which vary in size and weight. During baking, they brown and the dough cracks, resulting in a soft, palatable texture.

For a perfect pairing, Perusas are best enjoyed with a sweet Monastrell wine. The sultana aromas of this wine beautifully complement the texture and aniseed flavour of the biscuits, creating a delicious and balanced combination.