Just like almost everything in life, if you love something, you protect it.

And this is also true for Monastrell. We protect our grape variety, for the love of our wines.

Aromatic and versatile wines. With a high phenolic content. And with a history, people and light that ensure that the wines produced with Monastrell are wines that taste of sunshine, of sunsets and unique histories, full of life.


Wines generally with intense colors, medium-high robe, with reddish purple hues and violet rim.

Very expressive on the nose, with marked fruitiness, the presence of red and black berries, occasional aromas of compotes, floral hints and reminiscences of Mediterranean woodlands.

On the palate, they are balanced, well-structured and strong, with ripe and flavorsome tannins and a long aftertaste.


The rosés are clean and brilliant, with some very attractive tones and a wide range of pink colors, depending on how they are made.

On the nose, they are intense and elegant, with fruity and floral hints, characteristic of the variety.

On the palate they are meaty, flavorsome and fresh, with a fruity, intense aftertaste.

Sweet wines, liqueur wines and Fondillón de Alicante

The sweet wines and liqueur wines are traditional, high quality wines. Brilliant, dense and with an intense, black cherry color. On the nose they show ripe fruit aromas of black berries and prunes. On the palate they are extremely intense and complex, with good, very lingering tactile sensations.

The Fondillón exhibits colors ranging from mahogany to amber. On the nose it is intense with notes of ripe fruit and roasted dried fruit, wood and coffee. The mouth-feel offers a marked warmth, complexity of aromas and extremely lingering bitter acid flavors.