5º aniversario Monastrell España
We commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Association, which is currently a key driver in promoting and showcasing the rich diversity of Monastrell wines, both nationally and internationally.

Born with the objective of broadening the knowledge of the Monastrell variety and expanding its presence in domestic and foreign markets, Monastrell Spain has+ thrived as a collaborative eBort between the Denominations of Origin (DOs):  DO Almansa, DO Alicante, DO Bullas, DO Jumilla and DO Yecla.

The creation of the Association emerged as a pioneering initiative in Spain, where a group of DDOOs from diBerent Autonomous Communities came together to defend a common heritage: the Monastrell variety, native to the distinctive southeastern Spanish region that links the Castilian plateau and the Mediterranean.

Over the past five years, Monastrell Spain has actively participated in promotional programs, exhibitions and market initiatives, contributing to the dissemination of wine culture and forging connections with like-minded associations. Under the guiding slogan “Sabe a sol”, or in its corresponding English version “A taste of Sunshine”, the association invites enthusiasts and professionals to savor the essence of Mediterranean nature embodied in Monastrell wines.

Our national and international events

From the bustling streets of London to the vibrant cities of Valencia, Bilbao and Barcelona, Monastrell Spain has left its indelible mark on the world wine scene.

· Monastrell Spain Tasting and Masterclass in London, UK

Highlights such as the wine tasting at London’s prestigious 67 Pall Mall, led by Master of Wine Peter McCombie, showcased the appeal of Monastrell to discerning
sommeliers and journalists, garnering praise for its elegance and structure. More than 40 sommeliers and journalists from the most influential gastronomic media in the British capital gathered to discover the charms of this Mediterranean variety.

Master of Wine Peter McCombie
Under McCombie’s expert guidance, attendees had the opportunity to explore eight carefully selected Monastrell wines, representing the various Appellations that make up Monastrell Spain: DO Almansa, DO Alicante, DO Bullas, DO Jumilla and DO Yecla. Each glass oBered a unique sensory experience, revealing the richness of flavors, aromas and textures that characterize these exceptional wines.
Master of Wine Peter McCombie
Master of Wine Peter McCombie praised the growing recognition of Monastrell in recent years, highlighting its ability to adapt to climate, its richness in color and its versatility to produce a wide range of wines. Attendees were fascinated by the variety and character of Monastrell wines, expressing renewed interest in further exploring this exciting variety.

· Verema Showroom Tastings – Valencia, Bilbao and Barcelona

The Verema Showroom tastings, held in the cities of Valencia, Bilbao and Barcelona, represented a unique opportunity to explore the diversity and quality of Monastrell Spain wines in diBerent corners of Spain. These events attracted more than 50 wine industry professionals, who were immersed in a world of flavors, aromas and textures that reflected the country’s rich winemaking heritage.

In Valencia, the Verema tasting was the perfect setting for participants to discover the freshness and elegance of Monastrell wines, presented by representatives from the diBerent Designations of Origin that are part of Monastrell Spain. Attendees praised the quality and diversity of the wines, recognizing the potential of Monastrell to conquer demanding palates around the world.

Cata monastrell Verema Valencia
The event in Bilbao continued Monastrell Spain’s legacy of excellence, oBering industry professionals the opportunity to taste a selection of Monastrell wines. With the guidance of expert sommeliers and winery representatives, attendees were able to appreciate the versatility and complexity of this noble grape variety, which adapts to a wide range of styles and flavor profiles.
Cata Verema Bilbao
Finally, in Barcelona, the Verema tasting brought this series of events to a close, bringing together wine enthusiasts and industry professionals in an atmosphere of celebration and discovery.
Cata Verema Barcelona

· Presence at Barcelona Wine Week

Within the framework of the Barcelona Wine Week (BWW), the five Designations of Origin had a prominent presence as exhibitors at the Montjuïc exhibition center. This fair, a benchmark in the wine sector in Spain and beyond our borders, brought together more than 20,000 wine professionals from diBerent countries. In addition, Vinos DOP Alicante oBered an important presentation “Historical cooperage: the review of Fondillón” with some luxury speakers.

Barcelona Wine Week

With each passing year, we renew our commitment to promote this extraordinary grape variety, inviting wine enthusiasts from around the world to experience the
sunny taste of our wines.

We continue to prepare many more activities for this year 2024. On March 18 we return to London to continue expanding the Monastrell culture in
the UK.

Here’s to many more years of success and international expansion of Monastrell Spain!