Monastrell Spain

Hello! We are Monastrell España, a non-profit association established in 2019 from the amalgamation of five Designation of Origin Regulatory Boards: Alicante, Almansa, Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla.

At Monastrell España we are working to bring you a very special grape variety, the Monastrell, allowing us to produce aromatic, versatile wines.

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We are Monastrell España.

We are Alicante, Almansa, Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla.

We are the sunshine of our land. The work of our people and the joy of our culture.

We are the thousands and thousands of hours of sunshine that caress our vineyards.

We are each ray, each dawn and each sigh of pleasure when tasting one of our wines.

We are life, knowledge and enjoyment.

We are the breeze. We are the Mediterranean.

A taste of sunshine

The sun marks our days. And our vineyards.

The sun patiently and constantly caresses each and every one of our vines. While the Mediterranean breeze cradles them.

That’s why Monastrell is a taste of sunshine. That’s why it is unique, special and gives us some awesome wines, the pure essence of the Mediterranean.

If you’d like to enjoy all the splendor of nature made into wine, then try a wine produced with Monastrell.

You’re sure to be impressed.

It will warm your spirit and make you want to enjoy


Leisurely. With an essence of the….Mediterranean.

The amalgamation of 5 designations of origin

The Monastrell variety is the fourth most important red grape variety in our country, spread across three Autonomous Communities. Castilla-La Mancha and Region de Murcia.

For this reason, six Regulatory Boards in south-eastern Spain for the Alicante, Almansa, Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla Designations of Origin, are focusing on this grape variety and have joined forces to make it known at a national and international level.

If wine connoisseurs are convinced… then what are you waiting for to try it and get swept off your feet?