High quality of the grapes and demonstration of the adaptability of the Monastrell define the harvesting campaign, which began around mid-September and ends at the end of October, except in the DO Alicante, where it is expected until November for the harvest of the ripest grapes with which the precious Fondillón will be produced.

The weather conditions of the last few months – with vineyards subjected to a deep drought for long periods and very concentrated rains in May and June – have led to a considerable decrease in grape production of between 40% and 60% compared to previous years. However, the Monastrell has once again demonstrated its great capacity to adapt to the terrain and its resistance to pests, which especially this year have had a low incidence, which has allowed a production of Monastrell grapes of exceptional quality.

In the feld, the wineries have continuously monitored the grapes to identify the optimal time for harvesting, which has been done mostly manually, with special care during harvesting, placing the grapes in some cases in 10kg boxes to avoid crushing.

Once harvested, the Monastrell is vinified in tanks made of different materials such as wood, stainless steel and concrete and continues working on the production process of Monastrell wines that are expected to be excellent, preserving elegance, good balance and maximum expression.