Castillo de Almansa
Presided over by the imposing castle and recognized in the history books for its famous battle, Almansa has managed to give the Monastrell variety its own personality. Grapes grown at a thousand meters above sea level give their wines a fresh and floral character that makes them unique.
vino DO Almansa con Castillo al fondo
From the Cerro del Águila, the majestic castle looks out. Standing on the imposing rock, it allows us to see that horizon where on April 25, 1707 a transcendental battle was fought. The Italian painter Ligli Buonaventura immortalized the famous “Battle of Almansa” to the delight of those who visit the galleries of the Prado Museum. A reflection of history, today these lands also offer us an exciting look into the future: the union of the Monastrell variety and the Almansa Designation of Origin.

Located to the southeast of the province of Albacete, the D.O. It encompasses eight municipalities and some 9,000 hectares of vineyards. Around twenty percent is dedicated to the Monastrell variety and its wines have special characteristics.

Territorio DO Almansa
Due to the geographical area, to our altitude, we have very expressive wines, with a lot of acidity, with a lot of fruit, and that allow us to make long aging or bottle young wine,” explains Adolfo Cano, president of the D.O. Almansa.
presidente DO Almansa
Adolfo Cano, President of DO Almansa
The second most important variety in the area, around twenty percent, Monastrell becomes more important in the D.O. as we approach Levante. “It is a variety that has been present in our territory for many years,” says Cano. The leader of the D.O. Almanseña states that “although its planting decreased from the 1950s onwards due to the greater presence of Garnacha Tintorera, in recent years there has been another rise, since it is a variety that complements marvelously with Garnacha Tintorera”
Entorno DO Almansa
The characteristics of the environment mean that the Monastrell variety shows different nuances in Almansa than those found in other neighboring areas such as Jumilla, Yecla or Bullas, “because of the altitude, they are wines that are highly enjoyed, with a very different varietal character, which It brings a lot of flowers, a lot of fresh fruit and a lot more acidity”, argues Cano. A variety that, according to the president himself, has gained more name in recent years and allowed the D.O. Almansa compete in many more markets. “It is increasingly in demand in international markets, and we are giving a great boost to wines made with Monastrell”, he points out. Without a doubt, “there is a great future ahead”.
Vino tinto DOP Almansa
Quality wines that are promoted through the ‘Asociación Monastrell España’. An impulse in which the D.O. Almansa was involved from the first moment. “Although the pandemic prevented us from developing it before, we wanted to bet on this project from the beginning. It has a great future because behind it has an excellent variety. Soon we will see the fruits of all the work”, Cano confesses excitedly.
Vendimia en DO Almansa
Care in the field, affection for the vineyard and practically artisan production are the essence of wines with the Monastrell variety. Meticulous work of many farmers so that we can enjoy each glass with a good accompaniment. The president of the D.O. Almansa has a tasty suggestion: “In this region we are going to recommend, of course!, to accompany that Monastrell with some Manchego gazpachos with game meat”. Exquisite recommendation to savor a variety with a long history and a great future.
Maridaje vinos DO Almansa